Dr. Allen Chen explains how "Doctors Have Been Treating Lower Back Pain All Wrong" in Huffington Post's Article

In Huffington Post's article titled "Doctors have Been Treating Lower Back Pain All Wrong," Dr. Allen Chen's patient describes her positive experience with physical therapy, a non-drug treatment she was prescribed to alleviate her back pain. 


This is just one example of the efficacy of non-opioid treatments for treating back pain. In previous years, the first line of defense would be prescription medication. However, with the ACP guidelines, things are beginning to change. Dr. Chen states that "there's been a push over the past few years in my practice and in many others to push away from medications - particularly opioids"


What what can you do now to help with your back pain? Try therapies such as yoga, tai chi, massage, and acupuncture. Of course, it is important that you visit your physiatrist to assess what therapy will work best for you. 


To read the entire article and learn more on the benefits of non-drug therapy, click here.


Allen Chen, MD, MPH is the Director of Physiatry for the Columbia/NewYork-Presbyterian Spine Hospital as well as an Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.