Snoeck Laboratory

Directed differentiation of hPSCs into lung.

Expression of lung markers at d48 of differentiation of hPSCs according the protocol on top of the figure. The upper left image shows a low magnification tile scan of committed lung field cells (NKX2.1+) at d25 of differentiation. ES: embryonic stem cell; DE: definitive endoderm, AFE: anterior foregut endoderm)


Culture in the presence of decellularized human lung matrix.

(i,ii) Expression p63 and NKX2.1 at day 25 of cultures of RUES2 cells seeded on slices of decellularized human lung matrix at day 15 of the protocol. (iii,iv) Expression of endogenous SP-B at day 48 of culture. (v) Confocal fluorescence micrograph of the uptake of BODIPY-SPFTPB at day 48 in the same conditions. (vi) Morphology of mouse ATII cells as observed by two-photon microscopy of live mouse lung after instillation of BODIPY-SPFTB.



Mitochondrial morphology in hematopoietic cells.

(a) Mitochondrial length frequency profile in mitochondrial reporter (Pham, a mitochondrially targeted Dendra2 fluorescent protein)+ HSCs, progenitors and Lin+ cells (n≥15 fields). (b) Representative images of mitochondrial morphology in Pham-reporter+ CD150hi and CD150lo HSCs (lin-Sca1+kit+Flt3-CD48-), MPPs (lin-Sca1+kit+CD48+), CMPs (lin-Sca1-kit+), CLPs (lin-Sca1lokitloIL7Ra+Flt3+) and lineage+ cells.