Baldwin Laboratory


Matthew R. Baldwin, MD, MS
Herbert Irving Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Baldwin’s research focuses primarily on the epi-translational investigation of frailty in survivors of acute respiratory failure. His ultimate goal is to use the geriatric construct of frailty as a means to risk-stratify and identify critical illness survivors for targeted palliative, rehabilitative, and therapeutic interventions across the ICU to post-hospitalization care continuum.

Dr. Baldwin has received funding from the National Institute on Aging for this work. He currently has funding from the United States Department of Defense to identify acute- and long-term sub-phenotypes of COVID-19 lung injury.



Epi-Translational Research

  1. McGroder C, Zhang D, Choudhury M, Salvatore M, D’Souza B, Hoffman E, Wei Y, Baldwin MR*, Garcia CK*. Pulmonary fibrosis four months after COVID-19 is associated with severity of illness and blood leukocyte telomere length. Thorax, 2021. April 29: online ahead of print.
    *Co-senior authors
  2. Rosenberg BJ, Hirano M, Quinzii CM, Colantuoni E, Needham DM, Lederer DJ, Baldwin MR. Growth differentiation factor-15 as a biomarker of strength and recovery in survivors of acute respiratory failure. Thorax. 2019; 74(11):1099-1101. PMID: 31534031; PMCID: PMC7043788.

Palliative Care to Improve ICU Survivorship

  1. Simeone IM, Berning JN, Hua M, Happ MB, Baldwin MR. Training Chaplains to Provide Communication-Board-Guided Spiritual Care for Intensive Care Unit Patients. Journal of Palliative Medicine 2021. 24(2):218-225. PMID: 32639178; PMCID: PMC7840304.
  2. Pollack LR, Goldstein NE, Gonzalez WC, Blinderman CD, Maurer MS, Lederer DJ, Baldwin MR. The Frailty Phenotype and Palliative Care Needs of Older Survivors of Critical Illness. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2017; 65(6):1168-75. PubMed PMID: 28263377; PMCID: PMC5478496.
  3. Berning JB, Poor AD, Buckley SM, Patel KR, Lederer DJ, Goldstein NE, Brodie D, Baldwin MR. A Novel Picture Guide to Improve Spiritual Care and Reduce Anxiety in Mechanically Ventilated Intensive Care Unit Adults. Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 2016; 13(8):1333-1342. PMID: 27097049; PMCID: PMC5478496.

Health Disparities Research

  1. Perni S, Pollack LR, Gonzalez WC, Dzeng E, Baldwin MR. Moral distress and burnout in caring for older adults during medical school training. BMC Medical Education. 2020; 20(1):84. PMID: 32293416; PMCID:PMC7092500.
  2. Philpotts YF, Ma X, Anderson MR, Hua M, Baldwin MR. Health Insurance and Disparities in Mortality among Older Survivors of Critical Illness: A Population Study. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2019; 67(12):2497-2505. PMID: 31449681; PMCID: PMC7208434.
  3. Baldwin MR, Sell JL, Heyden N, Javaid A, Berlin DA, Gonzalez WC, Bach PB, Maurer MS, Lovasi GS, Lederer DJ. Race, Ethnicity, Health Insurance, and Mortality in Older Survivors of Critical Illness. Critical Care Medicine. 2017; 45(6):e583-e91. PMID: 28333761; PMCID: PMC5433910.

Other Critical Care Outcomes Research

  1. Short B, Serra A, Tariq A, Moitra V, Brodie D, Patel S, Baldwin MR, Yip NH. Implementation of lung protective ventilation order to improve adherence to low tidal volume ventilation: A RE-AIM evaluation. Journal of Critical Care. 2020 Sep 2. Online ahead of print. PMID: 33004237
  2. Peters A, Caroline M, Zhao H, Baldwin MR, Forfia PR, Tsai EJ. Initial Right Ventricular Dysfunction Severity Identifies Severe Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Phenotype With Worse Early and Overall Outcomes: A 24-Year Cohort Study. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2018; 7(9):e008378. PMID: 29686029; PMCID:PMC6015280.
  3. Gannon W, Lederer DJ, Biscotti M, Javaid A, Patel N, Brodie D, Bacchetta M, Baldwin MR. Outcomes and Mortality Prediction Model of Critically Ill Adults With Acute Respiratory Failure and Interstitial Lung Disease. Chest. 2018; 153(6):1387-1395. PMID: 29353024; PMCID: 6026289.

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