The Pulmonary & Intensive Care Translational Outcomes Research (PICTOR) Group

The Pulmonary & Intensive Care Translational Outcomes Research (PICTOR) Group is a clinical and translational research group led by David J Lederer, MD, MS and Matthew R Baldwin, MD, MS. Our mission is to identify novel risk factors for interstitial lung disease and to improve the lives of lung transplant recipients, adults with advanced lung diseases, and survivors of critical illness. We also seek to train the next generation of clinical and translational investigators in pulmonary and critical care medicine. 

The Group has 7 Cores:

  • Pulmonary Core, directed by David J Lederer, MD, MS
  • Critical Care Core, directed by Matthew R Baldwin, MD, MS
  • Autoimmune Lung Disease Core, directed by Elana Bernstein, MD MS
  • Research Coordination and Regulatory Core, directed by Tatiana Blue
  • Training & Career Development Core, directed by David J Lederer, MD, MS 

We have made novel discoveries about subspecialty care and its role in improving the outcomes of adults living with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, disparities in access to subspecialty pulmonary care and lung transplantation, and the impact that body composition and frailty have on older survivors of critical illness and on lung transplantation outcomes.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lederer [] or Dr. Baldwin [].

Clinical and Research Infrastructure Integration

is integrated into active clinical programs at Columbia University Medical Center, including the New York Presbyterian/Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Interstitial Lung Disease Care Center, the NYP Lung Transplant Program, the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Columbia University, and the NYP Scleroderma Program (directed by Elana Bernstein, MD, MS).

works closely with existing research infrastructure and services at, including the CTSA-funded Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, the Mailman School of Public Health’s Patient-Oriented Research Master’s degree program, the Office of Clinical Trials, and the Institutional Review Board.

What We Do

The PICTOR group conducts clinical and translational research in the following areas:

  1. Using population-based studies, such as the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), we are examining the causes of lung injury, inflammation, and fibrosis in humans.
  2. We are examining the roles of obesity, body composition, and frailty in early lung transplant outcomes.
  3. We are performing early work examining obstructive sleep apnea and its contribution to subclinical alveolar epithelial cell injury and consequent fibrosis.
  4. We are examining disparities in access to subspecialty pulmonary care and lung transplantation in the United States.
  5. We are examining the unmet palliative care needs of ICU survivors as they relate to frailty status.
  6. We are examining racial and socioeconomic outcome disparities among older survivors of critical illness.

Who We Are


David J Lederer, MD, MS, Director, Pulmonary and Training/Career Development Cores
Matthew R Baldwin, MD, MS, Director, Critical Care Core
Anna Podolanczuk, MD, Director
Elana Bernstein, MD, MS

Core and Affililated Faculty

Darryl Abrams, MD
Selim Arcasoy, MD, MPH
R Graham Barr, MD, DrPH
Joan Bathon, MD
Daniel Brodie, MD

Jon Giles, MD, MPH
Aimee Layton, PhD
Purnema Madahar, MD
Max O’Donnell, MD, MPH
Dan Rabinowitz, PhD
Kashif Raza, MD

Hilary Robbins, MD
Arindam RoyChoudhury, PhD
Lori Shah, MD
Jeremy Weingarten, MD, MPH
Hans-Willem Snoeck, MD, PhD

Fellows & Trainees  

Michaela Restivo, MD




Tatiana Blue, Director, Research Coordination and Regulatory Core
Imaani Easthausen
Wendy Gonzalez
M. Atif Choudhury
Wendy C. Long
Maahika Srinivasan

Prior Trainees and Staff 

Emma KT Benn, DrPH
Jerson Cochancela
Amisha Desai
Madeleine Drusin
Amy Giunta
Bianca Harris, MD, MS
Jaime Hook, MD
Katie Jones
Daniela Lamas, MD
Megan Larkin
Sunny Lim, MD

Matthew Lippel
Wen Liu, PhD
Dawn Maldonado, MD
Amike McBurnie, MPH
Alessa Messineo
Jeffrey Okun, MD
Lauren Pollack, MD
Eric Peterson, MPH
Armeen Poor, MD
Nisha Philip
Isaac Quintanilla

Debbie Rybak, MD
Shefali Sanyal
Rupal Shah, MD
Jessica Sell, MPH
Mark Snyder, MD
Ashley Tabah, MPH
Wendy Tang
Jaya Tiwari
Christopher Winterbottom, MD
Min Wu, MPH


Selected Publications 

  1. Diamond JM, Arcasoy S, McDonnough JA, Sonnett JR, Bacchetta M, D'Ovidio F, Cantu E 3rd, Bermudez CA, McBurnie A, Rushefski M, Kalman LH, Oyster M, D'Errico C, Suzuki Y, Giles JT, Ferrante A, Lippel M, Singh G, Lederer DJ, Christie JD. Adipose gene expression profile changes with lung allograft reperfusion. Am J Transplant. In press. [Abstract] [Full text]
  2. Podolanczuk AJ, Oelsner EC, Barr RG, Hoffman EA, Armstrong HF, Austin JH, Basner RC, Bartels MN, Christie JD, Enright PL, Gochuico BR, Hinckley Stukovsky K, Kaufman JD, Hrudaya Nath P, Newell JD Jr, Palmer SM, Rabinowitz D, Raghu G, Sell JL, Sieren J, Sonavane SK, Tracy RP, Watts JR, WIlliams K, Kawut SM, Lederer DJ. High attenuation areas on chest computed tomography in community-dwelling adults: the MESA study. Eur Respir J. In press. [Abstract] [Full text]
  3. Berning JN, Poor AD, Buckley SM, Patel KR, Lederer DJ, Goldstein NE, Brodie D, Baldwin MR. A novel picture guide to improve spiritual care and reduce anxiety in mechanically ventilated adults in the intensive care unit. Ann Am Thorac Soc. 2016;13(8)1333-42. [Abstract] [Full text]
  4. Sell JL, Bacchetta M, Goldfarb SB, Park H, Heffernan PV, Robbins HA, Shah L, Raza K, D'Ovidio F, Sonnett JF, Arcasoy SM, Lederer DJ. Short stature and access to lung transplantation in the United States: a cohort study. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2016;193(6)681-8. [Abstract] [Full text]
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is funded by the National Institutes of Health, multiple industry sponsors, and private donors, including the following generous support:


Although we have been fortunate enough to receive support from the National Institutes of Health and from non-profit foundations, we rely heavily on support from individuals. Your support helps us in our journey to identify the causes of pulmonary fibrosis, make lung transplantation safer, and improve the lives of adults who survive critical illness.
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