Michaela Restivo Anderson, M.D., M.S.

 Assistant Professor of Medicine


Dr. Anderson is an attending physician at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center specializing in the care of patients with advanced fibrotic lung disease and lung transplantation. She is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine. Dr. Anderson completed her training in internal medicine and pulmonary/critical care medicine at Columbia University. She pursued additional training in translational and epidemiologic research through the division’s NIH T32 award. During her research training, she completed a Master’s degree in Patient Oriented Research through the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. Her current research is focused on evaluating the association between body composition and outcomes after lung transplantation using the multi-center NHLBI funded Lung Transplant Body Composition Cohort. Her research also focuses on identifying ways to maximize organ allocation in lung transplantation. She participates in clinical trials of novel therapies for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis through our Interstitial Lung Disease center.

Education and Training

B.A. Psychology, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 2001-2005
Medical School:
Stony Brook University School of Medicine, Stony Brook, NY 2006-2010
Internal Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY 2010-2013
Chief Residency:
Internal Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY 2013-2014
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY 2014-2017
Advanced pulmonary Disease Academic Research, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY 2017-2018

Selected Honors and Awards

American Thoracic Society Travel Awards
Department of Medicine Critical Care Resident Award, Columbia University
Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award, Columbia University
American Medical Women’s Association Academic Achievement Citation, Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Gold Foundation for Humanism in Medicine Honor Award, Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society
Academic All Big Ten Conference, Northwestern University

Other Experience and Professional Membership

  • Columbia University Women in Medicine Steering Committee
  • American Thoracic Society
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society
  • Gold Humanism in Medicine Honor Society



  • Pulmonary Disease Medicine
  • Critical Care Medicine

Clinical Expertise

  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  • Lung transplantation

Clinical Centers

  • Interstitial Lung Disease Program
  • Lung Transplantation

Board Certifications

  • Internal Medicine, 2013
  • Pulmonary Medicine, 2016
  • Critical Care Medicine, 2017


Contact Information: 

 Pulmonary & Intensive Care Translational Outcomes Research (PICTOR) Group
622 West 168th Street, PH-9, room 214
New York, NY 10032
Phone: 212 - 342 - 4675
Email: mdr2140@cumc.columbia.edu
Website: www.PictorGroup.org

 Research Interests

  • Body composition and lung transplant outcomes
  • Organ allocation
  • Novel therapies for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Selected Funding

  • NIH T32 HL105323: Columbia Training Program in Lung Science (PI: Bhattacharya, Fellow: Restivo, completed)
  • Stony-Wold Herbert Foundation Grant-In-Aid: Adipose and acute respiratory distress syndrome

Selected Publications

  1. Gannon WD*, Anderson MR*, Podolanczuk AJ, Kawut SM, Michos ED, Cottin V, Kreuter M, Raghu G, Barr RG, Lederer DJ. Angiotensin receptor blockers and subclinical interstitial lung disease: The MESA Study. Annals of the American Thoracic Society; 2019, in press.
  2. Anderson MR, Udupa JK, Edwin EA, Diamond JM, Singer JP, Kukreja J, Hays SR, Greenland JR, Ferrante AW, Lippel M, Blue T, McBurnie A, Oyster M, Kalman L, Rushefski M, Wu C, Pednekar G, Liu W, Arcasoy S, Sonett J, D’Ovidio F, Bacchetta M, Newell JD, Torigian D, Cantu E, Farber DL, Giles JT, Tong Y, Palmer S, Ware LB, Hancock WW, Christie JD, Lederer DJ. Adipose tissue quantification and primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation: The Lung Transplant Body Composition Study. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 2019; in press.
  3. Anderson MR, Kolaitis N, Gao Y, Kukreja J, Greenland J, Hays S, Wolters P, Golden J, Diamond J, Palmer S, Arcasoy S, Udupa J, Christie JD, Lederer DJ, Singer, JP. A non-linear relationship between visceral adipose tissue and frailty in adult lung transplant candidates. American Journal of Transplantation; 2019; in press
  4. Philpotts Y, Ma X, Anderson MR, Hua M, Baldwin M. Health insurance and disparities in mortality among older survivors of critical illness: A population study. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society; 2019; in press.
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  6. Anderson MR, Tabah A, Roychoudhury A, Lederer DJ. Procedure Preference and “Intention-to-Treat” Outcomes after Listing for Lung Transplantation among US Adults. A Cohort Study. Annals of the American Thoracic Society; 2019; Feb; 16(2): 231-239.
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  9. Restivo M, Podolanczuk A, Kawut S, Raghu G, Leary P, Barr RG, Lederer DL. Antacid use and subclinical interstitial lung disease: the MESA Study. European Respiratory Journal 2017; May 19;49(5).
  10. Hogan J, Restivo M, Canetta PA, Herlitz LC, Radhakrishnan J, Appel GB, Bomback AS. Rituximab treatment for fibrillary glomerulonephritis, Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2014; 29(10):1925-31.