Critical Care Medicine

The Comprehensive Critical Care Service

Director, MICU
Daniel Brodie, M.D.

Associate Director, MICU
Natalie Yip , M.D.

Patient Care Director
Winsome Overstreet, RN, MSN

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Patrick Ryan, MA, MSN, RN, NP-C, CNS, CCRN

To request a transfer:
1-800-NYP-STAT (1-800-697-7828)
For more information about transfers,
please visit the patient transfer page.

Our model for providing critical care services is centered on an integrated approach to the care of critically ill patients throughout their inpatient stay. The goal is to optimize outcomes and appropriately allocate limited resources by providing a seamless transition from the initial recognition of impending organ failure through the provision of life support in the intensive care unit (ICU) and beyond the ICU to care for the chronically critically ill.

Our ICU Triage Team is focused on prompt recognition and early intervention to obviate the need for ICU level care in some patients and, in those too sick to avert critical organ dysfunction, the goal is to begin providing the highest level of care as early as possible in order to improve outcomes. Incorporated within the ICU Triage Team are the Cardiac Arrest Team, Rapid Response Teams and ED Critical Care Team. The ED Critical Care Team provides emergent consultation, management and transport of ED patients requiring ICU level services.


Our Ventilator Management Team provides comprehensive respiratory and ventilator care to all non-ICU inpatients on ventilators. The Critical Care Consult Service provides pulmonary, critical care and ventilator management consultation to patients in Non-Medical ICUs at the request of the primary service.

We staff two state-of-the-art, 12-bed Medical Intensive Care Units (MICU) with board certified Pulmonary Intensivists as well as Pulmonary/Critical Care fellows. These MICUs provide cutting-edge, technologically advanced critical care services to patients with life threatening illnesses. Each year the MICU cares for more than 1300 patients who are admitted from the hospital and the Emergency Department as well as from the surrounding region and around the world.

Our mission is to provide outstanding care for critically ill patients, conduct clinical research in the realm of critical care medicine, and to provide the best available education to our medical house staff, fellows, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and ancillary staff.

Nursing care is provided by experienced and dedicated nurses who are trained and certified to work with critically ill patients. The MICU is also staffed by a specialized Critical Care PharmD, nutritionists, social workers, and respiratory therapists. The coordinated efforts of this multi-disciplinary group allows for comprehensive care of extremely complex patients.