Critical Care in the Hospital

Ventilator Management Team

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\nhy1\My Documents\Division Website\Photos\PACC website Photos\5.4.2 Critical Care Thru Hosp - 1.jpgA multidisciplinary team consisting of an attending MICU physician, respiratory therapy, care coordination, social work, physical & occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition and wound care that provides consultative service to patients that require invasive mechanical ventilatory support outside the ICUs. Our goals are to optimize their weaning, pulmonary toilet, and comfort and to assist the primary team in their care and discharge planning.


Rapid Response Team

hospital bridgeA multidisciplinary team led by a MICU physician and MICU Nurse Practitioner along with a critical care nurse and respiratory therapist that assists the patient’s primary team in the rapid assessment and management of a patient in distress.

Critical Care Consult Team

This team provides consultative service in the areas of Critical care, ventilator management or pulmonary medicine in non-medical intensive care units, as well as the Medical Intermediate Care Unit.