Student Resources

Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Students Organization represents its members to the Graduate Student Advisory Council. A majority of their resources are devoted towards planning cultural events such as Broadway shows, baseball games or opera performances. Weekly social events typically include a coffee break, a hit movie and happy hour.

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Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC)

"GradWeb" is an online graduate student community center sponsored by GSAC. It was created as a "virtual" space for graduate students by graduate students.

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Student Services Online

Access a host of Columbia University services online such as registration, grades, direct deposit of your stipend and more.

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Student Health Services

Student Health Services is a resource for all student health care needs, including emergency services, prescriptions, fees, plans, psychiatric services, eligibilty and enrollment.

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Health Sciences Housing

The Health Sciences Housing Assignment Office provides on-campus housing for as many incoming students as possible.

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Health Sciences Library

Archives and special collections, Center for Academic Information Technology (CAIT), Health and Science news, exhibitions, STATref and NetLibrary, local authors highlights, LibraryWeb, CourseWorks, E-Journals, Medline, Pubmed, CLIO, Classes, Newsletter, Online Curriculum and more.

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Bard Athletic Center

The facility encompasses a swimming pool, squash courts, gymnasium, Nautilus and Universal equipment, dumbbell sets and benches, stationary bicycles, treadmills, rowing machines, stairmasters, lockers, showers and saunas.

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P&S Club

The P&S Club is the most active and comprehensive student activities organization in American medical education today. Founded in 1894 by Nobel Peace laureate John R. Mott, the Club currently sponsors over 50 major extra-curricular activities. An exhaustive variety of interests are represented, including theatre, music, film, athletics, student advocacy, community service, and good old-fashioned partying.

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P&S Resources & Support

The P & S Web Site contains a list of services, clubs, curriculum, affiliated hospitals, housing, neighborhood information, information of campuses, contact information.

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