Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee of the Columbia MSTP are an important component of the program leadership. The committee is chaired by students in each year of the program. The committee serves to relay information between the university deans, program administrators and the students. In an effort to introduce innovative approaches to training medical scientists, student input is encouraged by a receptive faculty and often steers the direction of our program. Furthermore, the committee serves to bring students from all stages of the program together to discuss experiences and share advice.


1st Year

  • Noah Chen
  • Julia Davis-Porada
  • Max Lauring

2nd Year

  • Jonathan Pabon
  • Ariel Pourmorady
  • Mary Claire Tuohy

3rd Year

  • Zena Chatila
  • Joshua Goodman
  • Zhenrui Liao
  • Deirdre Ricaurte 

4th Year

  • Tolu Akinade
  • Eunice Lee
  • Hani Shayya
  • Joshua Taliaferro

5th Year

  • Crystal Collier
  • Ryan Dhindsa
  • Sam Resnick

6th Year

  • Jack Berry
  • Heather Lee

7th Year

  • Phyllis Thangaraj