High-Speed High-Resolution Two-photon/Confocal Microscope Core

The High-Speed High-Resolution Two-photon/Confocal Microscope Core provides a cutting-edge, two-photon/confocal hybrid microscope system that allows visualization of dynamic movement and location of fluorescence-labeled cells in live animals.

Our High-Speed High-Resolution Two-photon/Confocal Microscope Core is advantageous in the following analyses:

  • Video-rate, or 3D time-lapse movie for the analysis of dynamic cellular behavior in live animals;
  • 3D analysis of cell location in live animals;
  • Subcellular-resolution imaging with weak fluorescent signals in deep tissues made possible by a multi-photon laser and 2 non-descanned detectors; 
  • Multicolor imaging (theoretically over seven colors) made possible by five single-photon lasers (458, 488, 514, 561, 633nm), one multi-photon laser, and seven detectors; 
  • Fast scanning of a large area with a resonance scanner (over 60 frames per second) is advantageous for the analysis of rare cell populations (e.g. stem cells).

The director and the manager provide assistance for the experimental design, and the data interpretation. The manager operates the microscope for the user.

2-Photon Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Leica TCS SP8

The Leica TCS SP8 has been designed for confocal microscopy with optimal photon efficiency and high speed. All optical components are matched towards preserving fluorescence photons for image contrast and to improve cell viability in live cell imaging. Backing up this sensitive detection are a high speed scanning system with up to 428 frames per second, and a large field of view of field number 22 and accelerated Z-stacking by a novel mode for the SuperZ galvanometer called Galvoflow. This suits the instrument for the most demanding samples and highest speed while offering full confocal resolution. Features include:

  • Objectives
    1. 40X NA=1.1 water (#11506342)
    2. 25X NA= 0.95 water (#11506340)
    3. 10X NA= 0.3 (#11506505)
  • Excitation Lasers
    1. Multiphoton laser: 690 – 1040nm (Spectra Physics Mai Tai-DeepSee)
    2. Single photon lasers: 458, 488, 514, 561, 633nm
  • Image Detection: Point scanning with 3 photomultipliers (PMT), 2 hybrid photodetectors (HyD) and 2 Non-descanned detectors (NDD, for 2 photons detection only)
  • Epi-Fluorescence Filters: DAPI, GFP, Cy3
  • XYZ-dimension: Motorized. 

Use of the microscope is for the CCTI, Cancer Center and Department of Microbiology & Immunology ONLY. Please contact the facility staff for any issues regarding training and assistance with imaging experiments including protocol design, instrument operation, data analysis, and troubleshooting.

Analysis Software

Imaris (Bitplane)


Facility rate is $100/hr. The minimum reservation is 1 hour. A fee of 50% is charged when the cancellation occurs less than 72 business hours and 100% less than 24 business hours.