Report of CUIMC Task Force for Addressing Structural Racism

December 2020

The deans of the four Columbia University Irving Medical Center schools appointed a task force in July 2020 to review ways to reduce the impact of racism in health care and the health sciences.

The task force of more than 100 individuals was led by co-chairs Drs. Rafael A. Lantigua, Anne L. Taylor, and Olajide A. Williams. CUIMC leadership will announce measures to implement the action items that are outlined in the report.

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Members of the implementation committee of the CUIMC Task Force for Addressing Structural Racism:

Jonathan Amiel, MD

Spencer E. Amory, MD     
Surgery, VP&S  

Lourival Baptista-Neto, MD     
Psychiatry, VP&S     

Kellie Bryant, DNP     

Alden A. Bush, MS, MPH, RN  
Psychiatric NP Doctoral Student  
Student Senator, Nursing

Cameron Clarke, MSc, MPP  
MD Candidate  
Student Senator, VP&S

Timothy Crimmins, MD
Medicine, VP&S

Hetty Cunningham, MD
Pediatrics, VP&S

Stephen Ferrara, RN, DNP     

Kevin L. Gardner, MD, PhD     
Pathology and Cell Biology, VP&S  

Diana Hernandez, PhD, MPH     
Sociomedical Sciences, MSPH  

Judy Honig, DNP, EdD

Hilda Hutcherson, MD   

George Jenkins, DMD   

Evanthia Lalla, DDS, MS    

Rafael Lantigua, MD   
Medicine, VP&S

Clara Lapiner, MPH
CUIMC Office of Faculty Professional Development, Diversity & Inclusion

Jennifer Manly, PhD     
Neurology, VP&S 

Tonya Richards
CUIMC Human Resources  

Austin Talis, MS, MBA 
DDS Candidate 
Student Senator, CDM

Anne L Taylor, MD

Mary Beth Terry, PhD     
Epidemiology, MSPH

Olajide Williams, MD, MS
Neurology, VP&S